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Memphis Qui Tam & False Claims Lawyers

Based in Memphis, Tennessee, Bateman Gibson has significant experience representing clients in qui tam, or "whistleblower," lawsuits.  Qui tam suits fall under the federal False Claims Act or similar state and local laws.  The False Claims Act allows private individuals with knowledge of past or present fraud committed against the federal government to bring suit on behalf of the United States.  If a whistleblower successfully exposes fraud on the government, he or she receives a share of the recovery, usually fifteen to twenty percent of any award or settlement amount plus attorney’s fees.  In order to bring a qui tam or False Claims action, it is not necessary for you to have suffered personal harm on account of the defendant’s fraudulent claims or acts; rather, you are acting as a stand-in for the government.

If you have a potential qui tam claim, it is imperative that you contact an attorney who is fluent in orchestrating and carrying out False Claims Act lawsuits.  In fact, individuals are prohibited from bringing qui tam actions pro se (without a lawyer) because you are acting on behalf of the government’s interests.  Accordingly, the government may intervene in the suit once it has been notified of your intentions, which is desirable because suits which the government decides to pursue have a higher success rate.  Bateman Gibson attorneys possess the legal savvy to accurately assess your potential qui tam claim and build a successful case that will reward you for your astute observations that uncovered the fraud, and your courage that led you to do something about it.

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